No Star is Lost

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Lift up your eyes on high and see: who created these? He who brings out their host by number, calling them all by name, by the greatness of His might, and because He is strong in power not one is missing. Isaiah 40:26

“I can’t even be where he can see me!” my middle school girl wailed. It is Friday afternoon, the last hour of the school day and I am running low on the quiet spirit 1 Peter 3:4 recommends. The whine in her voice hits a patience-draining octave while the familiar backache of being on my feet all day slowly clenches its fingers around the base of my spine.
I can’t even be where He can see me.

I can understand her fearful exasperation at the imaginary ending she has written in her head. The moments where the fearful bellows of the unknown are so loud that wisdom and peace seem lost in the fury. Yet our reality has not changed in the face of the unknown. The One who counts the stars, plans good works in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10) and makes us a city on a hill to proclaim His glory (Matthew 5:14-16) holds fast to us. In those times when fear tempts us to cower in uncertainty, let’s remember to Whom we belong. Let’s face the unknown with a trusting heart that He knows, He leads and He sees.

Not one star is lost.

By GNF Contributor Whole Magazine

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